Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

English for Academic Purpose I (Week 13)

     There are many convenient things these days. Especially if you live in the modern world. You also can have a modern thing. For example, inventors make modern machines to make everything easier. And many people use them in their homes. For example microwave ovens. Many people use a microwave oven, and me as well. Microwave ovens are a convenient thing. They are very helpful. You can make many kinds of food with them. For example, I can make pizza bread with a microwave oven. Or if you want to make something more easier, you can just buy some instant food and use a microwave oven to make it. But you have to remember don't eat instant food everyday because it's not good for your health.

English for Academic Purpose I (Week 12)

      I like to drink hot chocolate and milk. I don't really like to drink coffee. Coffee makes me get a stomachache when I drink it. I usually drink hot chocolate or milk only 1 glass a day. I drink it at breakfast, or sometimes I drink it when I'm feeling cold or when I want to enjoy my free time I will make a glass of hot chocolate or milk and drink it with some bread or cookies. Because I don't like something really sweet, so I usually make hot chocolate with less sugar or sometimes I make it without sugar. It's depend on what chocolate brand that I used. I really like hot chocolate and milk. It can make me feel calm and drinking hot chocolate can help you thinking better too. I have to drink one of them at least one glass a day.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

English for Academic Purpose I (Week 11)

          Everyone probably likes sweet food, and me as well. I like sweet food, for example: cake, chocolate, ice cream or cookies. I really like those foods. Not only like, but I love them! I always eat something sweet to make me feeling better. Usually I eat something sweet after a meal. But I don't eat something sweet everyday, maybe it's about 4 times a week or maybe only eat something sweet when I need it. Sometimes, something that we like it's not really good for our health. Like chocolate can make you fat. Sometimes we have to be careful and watch out what we eat. That's why I'm rarely to eat something sweet.